Are you a member of any unions?

Currently I am non-union. I would be happy to join the union when the right opportunity comes along

How quickly can you get my audio to me?

I can get your audio to you quickly, we can discuss your project deadlines at the time of hiring. Depending on the project I might even be able to get it to you on the same day you request it!

If I want you to use a specific mic for our session, can you make that happen?

I currently own a Neumann TLM 103 and a Rode NT1-A. If you would like me to use a specific mic, I would be happy to look into renting it for our session. 

Will you help to write/edit the copy?

Yes, if you would like me to I would be happy to help you with the copy.

Are you able to recommend other voice over actors/singers if we need something different to what you can provide?

Of course! I know a lot of amazing actors and singers and I would be happy to recommend them!

What training have you done?

Like any professional, I believe ongoing training in singing and voiceover is essential. I currently study voiceover with GVAA and Sara Sherman and I study with Gerald White for singing.

In the past I have worked with:

Ned Lott, Voiceover (Character Intensives I and II)

Tim Davis, Singing (Studio Singer Intensive)


Marc Scott

John Cooper at Stagecoach Youth Theatre, York