Jennifer was born in Inverness, Scotland and raised in England. After 14 wonderful years in the highly regulated world of Medical Devices, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles to live her dreams and feed her soul with creativity. Is it a coincidence that there hasn't been a single sighting of the Loch Ness Monster since Jennifer moved?! Perhaps...?

As a teenager, Jennifer began to hone her voice and acting chops under the tutelage of John Cooper at Stagecoach Youth Theatre, York. The importance of great enunciation was drilled into all of John's students and, for that, we are truly grateful! Jennifer spent her teens and 20s performing in musicals before learning there's a lot less make-up involved if you're behind a mic, so Jennifer added voice over and session singing to her repertoire!

Jennifer trained in voice over with Bunny and Bud Barth at Del Mar Media Arts. She is currently keeping her animation/character and commercial game sharp with David Rosenthal at Global Voice Acting Academy, and receives regular vocal coaching from Gerald White at Music 1 on 1.

Jennifer loves utilizing this training to create fun, lovable characters, bring copy to life and sing like there's no tomorrow (and like Julie Andrews on occasion!)!